The Space Sight Vol. 1 (Oct 27, 2020)

The Space Sight by Locus is an offline shopping experience with personalized services specifically tailored to your needs. With this new service, The Space Sight by Locus offers a consultation session for fashion styling and an exclusive preview of the latest trending retail items that are only available at Locus. Serving private retail services to serious shoppers, The Space Sight by Locus provides fast and confidential assistance for the convenience and satisfaction of customers. The Space Sight by Locus provided the latest collection of two big streetwear brands from London and Los Angeles, Palace Skateboards and STAMPD. The launch of the program took place on October 27, 2020, catering to friends and family. Held in one of the office towers in the heart of Jakarta, the exact location of the event will remain confidential to keep its exclusivity. Future The Space Sight by Locus events will showcase many more brands that will only be available exclusively at Locus.