Minutes with Chris Stamp from STAMPD LA


1. Who are you and what you do?
Chris Stamp, Artist - Designer.
2. Talk about your brand, how did you get to where you are today? And what is your inspiration?
Stampd is an ever-evolving art expression. It started as a custom art platform and has continued to evolve to encompass a large category of products. Clothing is our primary medium but I look at what we make like I do in making art. From the photos to the graphic design to the construction of the garments. Inspiration comes randomly and from a lot of different sources, I guess it depends on what I’m making.
3. What is your creative process when working on a new project?
Depends on the project - It starts with some inspiration. 

4. This pandemic situation is forced us to do a virtual meeting with colleagues and also clients. Do you think to keep in style while doing a virtual meeting is necessary?
I think so - style is an expression of you and how you feel. Regardless of virtual or not you should stay true to that.
5. What kind of outfit do you suggest to keep us fresh in front of the screen?
Clean and comfortable is my standard.