The Archive vol.4 'Japan Fundamental'

Japanese fashion is very much in vogue right now. Apart from the ever so popular kimono styles featured in movies, songs, catwalks and museums all over the world, Japanese fashion has contributed to the history of fashion in so many ways. Japan began paving its own way towards the country’s ‘Renaissance‘. The movement covered art, architecture, fashion, and even technology with the aims of preserving and nurturing the country’s historical roots. Also, adapt to contemporary trends and reach a unique blend of oriental and contemporary culture. 


Now, as we approach contemporary fashion times, we see how important was Japan’s role of influencer and influenced in the grand scheme of fashion. Overall, Japanese fashion has changed the way we understand fashion and dress.




As a  brand-new fashion establishment aiming to evolve the retail industry, Locus brought the Japan’s aesthetic through The Archive: Japan Fundamental. All of these collections are reflection of Japan’s aesthetic, diverse and based on its own culture. Each Japanese fashion trend on this list accompanied by curated selection of the most popular brands.